February 2009 update

Soooo..what’s happening with NDSMail ?  I started working on Skinning-Support several months ago, but never got quite around to finish it (at least, it did not break anything).  Recently, I wanted to release a build with the latest version of the dswifi library, but that did not work out: the old GUI code (which was… Weiterlesen February 2009 update

Progress update

It’s been some time since the last release, as I’ve been very busy lately. As a consequence, I will finish implementing some features I’ve started (themes..), clean up the code and look for someone to maintain it. Remembering what happened to a certain instant messaging application, it probably won’t be open source. If anyone is… Weiterlesen Progress update

NDSMail 0.60 – SSL is back

SSL is working again, so this means GMail is finally supported. Changelog-SSL working again-SMTP fixes-Feed URL corruption fixed-many, many more GMail settings:POP3: pop.googlemail.com (port 995)SMTP: smtp.googlemail.com (port 465 (not 587!)) And don’t forget the SSL checkbox! Thanks to the testers 🙂 Download


_ssl_recvd:116:+OK1 GmailId11168fb8552f64182 GmailId1116ca1292072fc53 GmailId1117c1f05ed0223b4 GmailId11184f741d3f1f18. SSL will be back soon 🙂 edit:if someone wants to help me test SSL in NDSMail, please write a mail to bronto_AT_gmx.net

NDSMail 0.58b

Back from a great vacation 🙂 NDSMail 0.58b(great occasion to try the online-update feature 😉 – mails are now sorted by date– fix editboxes overlapping the on-screen keyboard– fix feed list editor– works with message folders larger than 64kb (oops)NDSMail 0.58b NDSMail 0.58a has been available for some time via online-update. However, it had some… Weiterlesen NDSMail 0.58b

NDSMail 0.58

Once again, a new version of NDSMail: address book added online update feature added SMTP bug fixed (?) if no password was specified, ndsmail will allow you to enter it while connecting feed settings screen improved UI code improved HTTP module automatically converts „URL-encoded“ strings Download (as the R4DS firmware now supports automatic DLDI patching,… Weiterlesen NDSMail 0.58

NDSMail 0.57

– Crash when adding accounts fixed– SMTP fixes (incl. AUTH Plain)– MIME / Attachment fixes– Support for feeds >64kb– stuff I forgot NDSMail 0.57NDSMail 0.57 R4DS