Nintendo DS E-Mail Client

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09/30/06 Homepage redesign
Official release of the next version will take some more time, as I have to wait for some other libraries to release new versions. Work will continue thought, to provide even more features in the next version ;)


POP3/SMTP mail server support
RSS/ATOM feed support
simple HTML viewer
multiple account support
SSL support
Settings and Mails are saved to XML files



Latest download at blog.bronto-online.de



If it can not connect to the access point:
  • disable WEP
  • disable packet fragmentation
  • make sure your SSID is visible
  • check if wifi_lib_test can connect

If NDSMail crashes with FAT support enabled, disable it.

Visit the forum at http://forum.gbadev.org/viewtopic.php?p=81268#81268

If your POP3 server is not supported, try www.bluebottle.com

Flash card compatibilty sheet

This compatiblity sheet is based on the experimental version 0.49

Name runs file read file save
Supercard SD + + +
Supercard CF ?
Supercard Micro-SD ?
M3 SD + + +
M3 CF ?
EZ4 ?
G6 ?
Ninja SD ?

+: works
-: does not work
empty cell: unknown

M3SD - not all SD cards work, Kingston 1Gs are reported to be incompatible, Sandisk 256M are compatible

Known bugs

SSL is broken in build 0.49

upcoming features

Save attachments to flash card
Address book
Access Point auto connect